Christopher Roberts

Texas Law tops in bar-passage rate

Results from this summer’s Texas bar examination were released Thursday.  The University of Texas had the highest passage rate in the state.  94% of Texas Law graduates passed the exam on the first try.   261 of the Law School’s graduates took the Texas bar exam this summer.  245 of them passed, by far the highest number of any […]

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Steve Vladeck on C-SPAN: Clinton’s Emails, Comey’s Letter, and the Hatch Act

Texas Law Professor Stephen Vladeck appeared Monday on Washington Journal, C-SPAN’s morning interview program, to discuss the letter submitted to Congress on Friday, October 28, by F.B.I. Director James Comey, alerting the world to the possibility of new emails in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Prof. Vladeck has emerged as a go-to […]

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Jordan Steiker: Changing how America thinks about capital punishment

The cover story of Harvard Magazine‘s November-December issue is an in-depth look at the research and influence of Texas Law Professor Jordan Steiker and his sister, Harvard Law Professor Carol Steiker. The Steikers have a new book, Courting Death: The Supreme Court and Capital Punishment, which, according to the authors, “traces the unusual and distinctive […]

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Susan Morse: How Texas Can Help All Special Needs Students

Texas Law Prof. Susan Morse penned a new opinion piece about safe harbors for DallasNews, the online presence of The Dallas Morning News, in response to a widely-read and much-discussed article by Brian M. Rosenthal for the Houston Chronicle. That story, “Denied: How Texas keeps thousands of children out of special education,” examined the role of the […]

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Prof. Willy Forbath
Texas Law Faculty in the National Spotlight

Several members of the Texas Law faculty have recently been prominently featured in the national press. In the current issue of The New Yorker, Jeffrey Toobin’s “The Supreme Court After Scalia” considers the upcoming term and the possibilities of an emerging “liberal Court.” Among matters that could come before a newly configured Court in coming […]

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OPINION: Steiker: Extraordinary Injustice in Texas

In a powerful opinion piece published on the National Law Journal website, Professor Jordan Steiker calls on the Supreme Court to “declare the obvious” and acknowledge the prejudicial role of race in the sentencing of Duane Buck, and for federal courts “to correct blatant errors in Texas capital cases.” Steiker’s new book, Courting Death: The Supreme […]

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Prof. Hans Baade
In Memoriam: Prof. Hans Baade

The School of Law reports with sadness the passing of Hans Wolfgang Baade, an emeritus member of the faculty and holder of the Hugh Lamar Stone Chair in Civil Law. Professor Baade was born in Berlin in 1929, and was raised in Germany and in Turkey.  He received his A.B. from Syracuse University, a doctorate […]

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Changing the way courses on Property are taught

Texas Law faculty members Heather Way and Lucy Wood are writing a book that shows how the concepts in first-year Property courses work in practice. Real Property for the Real World: Building Skills Through Case Study, is forthcoming from West Publishing Company.  Tanya Marsh at Wake Forest University is a co-author as well. The book […]

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Does Race Influence Tort Damages?

Most lawyers would say the Constitution forbids the government to discriminate on the basis of race, but Professor Ronen Avraham believes it still happens routinely in the courtroom. Prof. Avraham, the Thomas Shelton Maxey Professor at the School of Law, studies the damages that courts award in personal-injury cases and in other settings, and he believes […]

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Prof. Loftus C. Carson II
In Memoriam: Prof. Loftus C. Carson II

The Law School community is greatly saddened by the passing of The Ronald D. Krist Professor in Law, Loftus C. Carson II (1946-2016). Prof. Carson served on the Texas Law faculty for more than 20 years, teaching corporations, securities regulation, nonprofit organizations, higher education and the law, and employment law.  In 2002, he received the Student Bar Association […]

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