Faculty Contribution

Avraham: Regulate consumer litigation funding, don’t ban it

Texas Law Senior Lecturer Ronen Avraham has just completed the first large-scale empirical study of consumer third-party litigation funding in the United States, along with colleague Anthony J. Sebok of Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. The striking results of their new study will be analyzed in full in the forthcoming Cornell Law Review. Until […]

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Prof. Willy Forbath
Forbath: A New Type of Labor Law for a New Type of Lawyer

Texas Law Prof. William Forbath, who has been writing about law and the American labor movement for over 25 years, has been a close and engaged observer of the monumental change to the nature of work in America and the resulting plight of American workers. This Labor Day, Prof. Forbath and Temple Law School Prof. […]

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Littwin: “Texans need to tell Cruz and Hensarling to keep the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau”

Prof. Angela Littwin, reacting to a spate of news stories out of Washington confirming that two of Texas’ most powerful elected officials are sharpening their knives for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has penned a forceful new op-ed defending that agency and explaining all the good it does for Texans and, indeed, all Americans. The op-ed […]

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Hansen: Renegotiating NAFTA is a Risk for Texans

Patricia I. Hansen, the J. Waddy Bullion Professor in Law and the Director of the dual degree program in Law and Latin American Studies, has written a thought-provoking op-ed on the subject of the North American Free Trade agreement. Prof. Hansen, on expert on international trade with a special interest in the economics of trade […]

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Scott McCown: Texas must increase funding to fix Child Protective Services

With the new year will come the new Texas Legislature Session. Among the major issues that will be put before legislators is funding for Texas’ overburdened Child Protective Services agency. Texas Law Prof. F. Scott McCown, a former judge and longtime advocate for children’s rights, and the Director of the law school’s Children’s Rights Clinic, anticipated […]

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